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Thursday, 01 March 2012 10:43

EFFECTIVE January 1, 2013


In accepting this animal for adoption, I agree to be bound by the following conditions:

I. I agree to take full responsibility in meeting all of its needs, including providing appropriate food, exercise, grooming and companionship. I will renew any required licenses annually. My new pet will reside in my home. Under no circumstances will this pet be housed outdoors, in a garage, shed or other building other than that which I live, and I will not give away or relinquish ownership of this pet without prior notification to PAS, Inc.

I will not allow my pet to roam at large, and will abide by all City and State animal laws pertaining to my pet.

2. Your new pet has received its vaccinations. Please check with your Veterinarian for regular and necessary veterinary visits and yearly vaccinations to guard against disease. The Parma Animal Shelter, Inc. will not be responsible for any of these fees.

3. There is no guarantee that a healthy-appearing pet is not incubating an illness which may become obvious after you take it home. The Parma Animal Shelter suggests that you take your new pet to your Veterinarian. If within 10 days from the date of adoption a serious health problem is discovered, you may make arrangements to return the animal, along with the Veterinarian's documentation of the illness. You may not return the pet due to behavior or minor health problems. The Parma Animal Shelter, Inc. reserves the right to refuse the return of any animal.

4. To assist the Parma Animal Shelter in acquiring PERMANENT HOMES for its animals and to prevent "TRYING OUT" an animal, the adoption fee is non-refundable. No monetary refunds will be given under any circumstances. Parma Animal Shelter Inc. makes no warranty with respect to the temperament of the pet and will not be held responsible for any damages should the pet act in an aggressive manner.

5. Any animal adopted into a multiple pet household should be confined from the rest of the pets for at least 7-10 days This will allow time for any communicable illnesses to appear and be treated by your veterinarian without spreading to other pets.

6. Anyone found in violation of this adoption agreement and who fails to correct the violation within 48 hours, shall forfeit the adopted animal to the Parma Animal Shelter Inc. and be subject to possible fines.


The form above is used for every adoption.

The adoption fee is $85 for dogs and cats with reduction in price on dogs and cats over 7 yrs old to $50.00.   Puppies under 6 months are $100.



Dogs get: 1 year rabies shot, distemper/parvo shot, Bordetella vaccine,
Heartworm test and 1st heartworm pill,  they are  also checked for worms.
We take them to the Vet of our choice for spay/neuter.


Adoption Fee for Cats and Kittens – updated 1/30/2013  KITTENS are combo tested and given FVRCP vaccines until 3 months old (3 weeks apart up to a total of 3 shots). A one-year rabies vaccine (and certificate), blacklighting/lyme dip (for ringworm prevention), two Advantage Multi treatments and four Pyrantel dewormings are administered as well. Spay/neuter (through a local Veterinarian) is done when the kitten is three pounds. No kitten can leave the shelter without being spayed or neutered.  CATS are the same as kittens with the exception of a total of two FVRCP vaccines.  No cat can leave the shelter without being spayed or neutered.


We do not adopt animals as gifts or surprises.  The entire household where the animal will live must be interviewed and adoption application submitted for consideration by the Warden and the adoption committee.  If more than one adoption application is submitted for any animal, the decision is based on what is believed to be the best home available -- NOT first come, first serve.  Animals must be held for (3) three days to give the owners a chance to find them.  During this time we can accept applications for adoption in case the owner doesn't come in.  We cannot "hold" animals till a decision is made whether to submit an application.  If the animal to be adopted is a dog and there is already a second dog in the household, the adoption counselor will want them to bring their other animals in for an interaction at the shelter so their compatibility can be judged.  There are pamphlets available at the shelter and information on this web site that will inform and advise you in the care of the animal you are adopting.  The volunteers are also available to answer questions you may have prior to and following the adoption.  Our mission is to find loving PERMANENT homes for these animals left homeless through no fault of their own.  The experience of being in a shelter is traumatic and distressing when the animals first come in.  We try very hard to make them comfortable during their stay with us.  Please be sure you research your decision to adopt before you apply.  We do not want to traumatize any of our guests further by causing them to be returned after adoption.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 26 June 2013 15:28

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